TECHNOKOREKT Ltd. was established in 1990. Its main business activity is production and trade of industrial goods and building materials. In 1994 the company opened a factory for dry building composites in the district of Krajmorie. Since then Technokorekt orientated its production entirely towards the building sector.

In 1994-1995 we developed and established the modified gypsum putties, which displaced the classical lime-gypsum putties on the building market. The advantages of these products were recognized in 1998 in competition with leading foreign companies - our products were awarded a golden medal at the International technical fair in Plovdiv. Our next participation in 2005 at the same fair brought us another golden medal for the innovative colored gypsum putty.

Presently, Technokorekt Ltd. is the biggest producer of gypsum based putties and adhesives in Bulgaria. With an annual capacity of 50 000 tones of dry composites we contribute successfully to the intensive construction on the Black Sea coast.

In addition to these products we produce a high range of water dispersion paints, primers, impregnators, finishing silicone plasters, silicone paints and other specialized coatings.

The only complete BESTSAND line in Bulgaria functions at our Krajmorie factory. The line is a modern crush-sieve installation, which allows the sand we use for the composites to have an optimum granulometry. This allows us to achieve high quality and competitive prices for the dry building composite products.

The many years of experience, the precise incoming and production control, as well as the good logistics, makes Technokorekt Ltd. a desired partner for many building organizations and trading companies in Bulgaria.