Production of dry building composites

This is the basic activity of the company and there are established two installations for gypsum based and one for cement based composites.
The product range includes:

Building products gypsum based

  • Modified gypsum based composites for internal use:
      - Unifor-finishing putty mixture
      - Unifor color-colored putty mixture
  • Gypsum adhesives for gypsum board
  • Gypsum joint sealing mixture

Building products cement based

  • Adhesives for tiles, terracotta and marble for internal and external use
  • Adhesives for aero concrete elements
  • Finishing putties water resistance
  • Adhesive for sticking and puttying of thermal insulation panels
  • Coloured joint sealing mixture with 20 colors options

Production of paints, plasters and impregnators for internal and external use

Our water dispersion and silicone paints and plasters are well received on the building market. They are an actual decision as a final covering on the classical lime cement plasters as well as on the modern thermal insulation systems. All of the paints and plasters can be colored in the factory thanks to our own developed system for coloring TECHNOCOLOR. This makes our products very suitable for bigger building projects.
Our product list includes besides the paints and plasters some kinds of depth penetrating primers and cleaning conconction polymer dispersion based.

Processing and sizing of rock materials for construction needs- the line BESTSAND

One of the most important moments during the production of dry construction mixtures is the selection of the sand with an optimal granulometry for every adhesive and putty. Technokorekt Ltd. achieved that with the installing of the crush-sieve line BESTSAND.
The equipment includes crusher jaws, ball mill, sand drying oven and sizing sieves.
The building products which are made with selected sand show better exploitation characteristics then mixtures with an ordinary quarry sand. Besides processing of quartz, andesite and dolomite, the line BESTSAND allows us to sieve and select additionally all the kinds of marble and stone powders, as well as gypsum. The line helps us to achieve concurrent prices to all the products the company makes.

Trade and logistic

The main priority in the activity of the company is the contacts and the delivery of building products to the mostly bigger construction objects in Eastern Bulgaria. The company has a big truck fleet which guarantees fast delivery of the goods to the builders.
The most of our trading activity performs in our company warehouse in Burgas. On 2800 m² area there are over 1600 articles for building and paint activities..